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Pasta and rice manufacturers

One of the most famous Italian dish is the pasta: if you have been to Italy, you must have had it along with a taste of other different recipes. Pasta is a common dish and it is available all around the world, although it is made in lots of different ways, depending on where you are. If you think about rice, would you say it is as renowned all around the world? 

Well it is actually, because millions of people eta it, from China to Italy, from U.S.A. to Japan. That is also why you are reading our article, because we can help you find top-of-the-line Italian pasta and rice manufacturers. You are undoubtedly familiar with Barilla pasta brand,  number one in Italy and elsewhere too, you can buy Barilla producs in almost any store.

But Barilla is just one of the many pasta and rice manufacturers: have you ever heard of the equally superb Divella, Agnesi, Voiello, Antonio Amato, Garofalo ?

Pasta and rice manufacturer

If you are looking for small but superior pasta and rice manufacturers, please do  check our website and you find every information about them.

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