Italian wines

 italian winesWhen you think about  Italian cuisine,     you are likely to come up with spaghetti, pizza and mozzarella; but these are only a  few  examples of what  Italian cuisine is like and if you have ever been to Italy you might know that there are as many local dishes and specialities as the region and each region has its typical culinary tradition, both food- and wine-wise.

So in Tuscany you will sip  Chianti, one of the  best and most renowned wines; Chianti is a perfect companion for meat because it is a powerful wine.  This is also the case of Emilia Romagna most typical wines – Lambrusco, which goes well with meat, too.   If you eat  fish, it is best to match it with an appropriate white wine, and Italy has a host of white wines to suit everybody’s taste: Verdicchio, or  Greco di Tufo, or Fiano di Avellino are all equally exceptional so enjoy!

italian wines




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