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La Capinera

La Capinera is a wine-growing and wine-producing business with a family history that hints at a genuine passion for cultivating grapevines eventually sold as DOC and IGT classification bearing  wines. (DOC stands for  Protected Designation of Origin. IGT is the Italian for Vino a Indicazione Geografica meaning the wine is representative of a specific geographic region). The grapes are […]

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Three generations of the Boncis have been producing and commercialising quality wines in the very heart of the Marche region since the early 1900s. In over  30 hectares of land owned by the  Bonci winemakers twenty-six vineyards are intended for the exclusive production of VERDICCHIO DEI CASTELLI DI JESI CLASSICO and ROSSO PICENO – both wines bearing […]

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Poderi dei Colli

The Podere dei Colli winery originated in the Picenum region as far back as the 1960s and its produce have established themselves over the years as reputed icon of the best the Marche can offer. The estate is run by the Mannocchi family who have been involved in the business since generations, with a passion for nature and its fruits. […]

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