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Export typical Italian products

Italy’s typical exports

Italy is well known around the world as the “Bel Paese” based on its spectacular landmarks, unforgettable scenery and abundant works of art. What is more, travellers can enjoy exceptional food and wine basically anywhere in the country! The only thing is: how to get Italian produce when you are not there? The answer is finding Italy’s typical export […]

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Direct export Italian food

Italian food dealers

If you like Italian food, especially if you have had the chance to eat it in Italy, you might wish to be craving for get some typical fare whilst avoiding to buy bad imitations. So, if you want to make sure you are getting genuine Italian produce, you will have to find the companies that handle them. The […]

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Export vegetables Factories

Vegetable merchants

Italy’ s cuisine, so rich in seasonal and fresh vegetables and fruit, is of internationl repute; besides that what makes it really different is the remarkable variety of regional dishes, recipes and specialities, ranging from meat to fish from pasta to desserts, all of them carefully prepared with a hodgepodge of often home-grown and home-made ingredients.  The Italians’ […]

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Export Italian food

Italian food manufacturers

When we speak about Italy, we immediately relate to its delicious, diversified, healthy  food. Most superior Italian products are exported all over the world which allows for making its culinary culture wider and wider. Nowadays many products are easily found in supermarkets, deli-shops and stores overseas. As to cold cuts, Italy primarily exports its finest Parma ham whose […]

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foods in Italy

Food in Italy

One of the reasons why Italy is well known all over the world is its culture both in terms of purely artistic terms and in terms of culinary creativity. Think about pizza: you can easily get it all around the world, although the best one, at least by Italiah standards is made in any pizzera […]

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typical italian products

Typical Italian products

 Piedmont has hundreds of typical products, and is therefore only second to Tuscany. Amongst the local specialities, we must not fail to mention the fantastic Bagna cauda, a typical soup made of garlic and  anchovies and the delicious and delicate Plin agnolotti made by hand and usually served as a Sunday lunch main course.. Typical Piedmont produce  […]

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Pasta and rice manufacturer

Pasta and rice manufacturers

One of the most famous Italian dish is the pasta: if you have been to Italy, you must have had it along with a taste of other different recipes. Pasta is a common dish and it is available all around the world, although it is made in lots of different ways, depending on where you are. If you […]

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Bread and breadsticks Suppliers

Bread and breadsticks Suppliers

If you think about the best food you can taste, you must necessarily  match it with bread  at least in Italy. Bread is regarded a staple in most parts of the world, it is healthy and it can be eaten as it is or as extra food accompanying something else. In Italy each region has its own way to make […]

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Mercante Farming Estate

Mercante Farming Estate Recent and yet established estate that embodies a family passion which has its strong point in  the production of the Rosso Conero and Verdicchio wines. The Mercantes’ love for the land combined with their drive to get the most natural wines  inspired their organic growing of grapes in a central area of the Marche region well-suited for […]

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