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La Capinera

La Capinera is a wine-growing and wine-producing business with a family history that hints at a genuine passion for cultivating grapevines eventually sold as DOC and IGT classification bearing  wines. (DOC stands for  Protected Designation of Origin. IGT is the Italian for Vino a Indicazione Geografica meaning the wine is representative of a specific geographic region).

The grapes are cultivated in over 40 hectares of land spreading throughout the valleys surrounding  Morrovalle – a village in le Marche region – a remarkably fruitful land that matched with skillful production techniques yilds exceptional wines. 

Also, the winery produces a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil – "La Capinera" , whose pale green colour  shades off into golden yellow and whose savor is slightly fruited.

Our wineries are open to the public for wine tasting !

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