Typical Italian fare

Italy is a rich country in terms of cookery so when you speak about typical Italian fare,  you are spoilt for choice! If you have ever travelled to Italy you must have tasted  some of our delicacies, including one of our feathers in the cap – Pizza! 
Pizza originated in Neaples but nowadays is known all over Italy and throughout the world; it is nothing but dough flattened into a circle and dressed with tomato sauce, oil, salt. It can come  with  hosts of a variety of toppings (mozzarella cheese, olives, anchovies, sausage, ham, vegs, mushrooms, truffles, salmon, etc.). 
One of the  tastiest Southern Italy’s treats is the Sicilian cannolo – a deep-fried tube of pastry filled with sweetened and flavoured ricotta cheese.  

Italian typical food

If we move on to Sardinia, the second largest island in Italy, we will have a chance to taste some rare food –  pane carasau aka carta da musica. It  is nothing but flat and crispy dough sheets that can be eaten dry or soaked in sauce or water for various preparations.
Emila-Romagna’s best-known speciality is Tagliatelle Bolognese with Sauce; the Bolognese sauce is a meat-based sauce for pasta that originated in the lovely city of Bologna. Another typical Italian produce food of this region is Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. It can be used grated on top of pasta, soup and rice dishes; but it can also be eaten in chunks with a few drops of balsamic vinegar. We could go on an on listing  all of Italy’s typical  producs but we ‘d better stop here for the moment. …..



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